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You know, I should really log on to this blog more often. lol

If you still care to find me, I’m over on another blog for a majority of the time now. :3




My Jeong Jeong RP account got the update finally.  So I decided to test the waters and unlike everyone here, poked around a bit.  With the help of creeping through the tags last night, and LunarPrincessYue for letting me hijack an RP of ours for that account, I got it pretty much figured out, as I explain above.

It’s not as bad as it’s made out to be, really.  My only complaint is, that moving pictures into photosets is a bit of a hassle.  I’m using a Touch Pad, so that could be the case.  It’s fun and addicting though once you get the hang of it.

Also, the dash doesn’t seem to be too slow or sluggish.  I can see it being a problem with people who have shitty internet connection and having a bit of a lag. Seeing as I have shitty dorm wifi, now it seems fine, but if it poses a problem, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve noticed that some of the Missing E icons don’t work as stated in the image set, but other then that, I’ve had no problems with it interfering with my Tumbling experience.  I don’t have Tumblr Savior, so I don’t know the status on that.

I apologize if the text is hard to read in some places, due to image sizes, so send me an ask if you have any questions.  I spent two hours poking around for all of you people, so you better be thankful.

I forgot to poke around the Ask Box and Fan Mail with the update along with my Missing E update.  Someone else can do that.  I hear with the Ask though, that it isn’t published publicly if something in Missing E is installed.  So I recommend disabling the option to tag your asks before you publish. That might work, seeing as it effects asks directly.

EDIT:  I poked around the ask box.  It won’t let you publicly reply if you have the Missing E option of adding tags before you post it enabled.  Disable the pre-add tags option and you’re good.

In short, the Update isn’t too bad.  You just gotta poke around a bit.  I show you how to reblog as Text, seeing as I myself am an RP blog, and I find that important.

Now stop freaking out over the update.  Only downside is with pics I mentioned earlier.  You people are lucky that I’m too sick to go to class, and be thankful I didn’t go to lunch.

Also, your tags aren’t saved/cached anymore due to the update, so you DO have to retype everything.  For RPers that’ll be difficult seeing as some people have insane URLs, but aside from that it shouldn’t be too bad.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

You’re welcome.

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Avatar Style Makeup in Four Easy Steps


Avatar Korra shows us how:

1. Get a large powder puff container and put a lot of loose powder/baby powder in it.

2. Press the powder puff to get a lot of powder.

3. Take a deep breath, then hold it.

4. Smash the powder puff on your face. 

Now cough and realize that you’re more beautiful without makeup.

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Hahaha I randomly lost a follower.


Holy balls.

Shit ton of drama exploded on my Dash on one of my RP blogs.

Can’t really comment because I’m involved with both sides.

So I will say it here where no one follows me.  Okay… I think one person follows me, but whatever.

Calm your tits.  All of you.  I love and care for all of you.  But if I have to come across more drama, threats, sadness, and any of that.  I’m going to bust some fucking balls.  It’s midterms.  Math class sucks.  I’m sicker than a dog.  And one of my friends got extremely rude awful things written about her.

I’m not in a good mood.

/End rant



“Damn, William. Looks like someone had a crazy night. You should invite me to the party next time.”

Gives a whole new meaning to the words “gang bang”.



Damn, William. Looks like someone had a crazy night. You should invite me to the party next time.”

Gives a whole new meaning to the words “gang bang”.

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Post limit still exists. 

This twitter is not actually David, it is run by the same people who run

Please reblog so people don’t listen to fake things from this account and hit post limit.

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Some people have tumblr back some don’t







Staff have obviously chosen their favorites

And that is why I am here.





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ipod: has thousands of songs
me: listens to same 5 on repeat